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Office of Internal Audit

                  Office of Internal Audit is a work unit founded according to NIDA Order No. 126/1990 on 19 March 1990. Since then, it has been an independent work unit under the direct supervision of the President. The Office is in charge of monitoring and ensuring other NIDA work units’ prudent and correct implementations in the domains of budget, accounting, material, disbursement, financial records, material retention, as well as vehicle usage and maintenance in compliance with related rules and regulations. The Office also performs other duties as specified in the job description standard of internal auditors and in agreement with the Finance Ministry’s Regulation on Internal Audit Guidelines of the Government Agency, B.E. 2532 (1989).   

                 In accordance with NIDA Order No. 199/1994 dated 4 April 1994, the name of the Office was changed from “Internal Audit Section” into “Office of Internal Audit”   
Later in the same year, respecting NIDA Order No. 795/1994 of 28 November 1994, the Office of Internal Audit was further divided into four work types which were:  
1.  General Affairs  
2.  Budget Administration Verification  
3.  Income beyond Budget Administration Verification  
4.  Fund Administration and Special Project Verification

              In line with NIDA Board of Regents Announcement on Organizational Structure of Office of the President on 1 September 2008, Office of Internal Audit was under the direct supervision of the Board of Regents. The Office was accordingly divided into four teams:      
1.  Internal Audit Team 1
2.  Internal Audit Team 2
3.  Internal Audit Team 3
4.  Administrative and General Affairs Team

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